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Souvenir and café
HanaCafe Kikyou

There is always the gentle time around flowers. Our shop handling souvenirs as Kikyou Shingen rice cake, popular Kikyou Shingen rice cake ice, and drinks in the store full of flowers all the year round.

“Live with wild herbs and enjoy the nature”

The café decorated with dry flowers from“Dolce vita” the flower store of Kikyouya. Enjoy the relaxed time with the natural sweet scent of gentle flowers.

Take a breather with drinks and sweets of brown sugar syrup with rich mineral and exclusive soybean flour. We also sell the takeout sweets of Kikyouya as Kikyou Shingen fresh pudding or Kikyou Shingen rice cake ice.


We sell macaroons, 3 types of eclairs, Omelet cake, etc.

Shop Information

Shop Name HanaCafe Kikyou
Location Ridge H
Opening Hours 9:30~17:00 *Business hours are subject to change.
Closed Open 365days a year
Contact 0555-28-5228
URL http://www.kikyouya.co.jp