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Ichi no Kura

The shop selling popular dried fruits from the world, original chocolate confections, and sweetened adzuki beans.

Kakumaru dou
Fuji Ooishi

General merchandise and accessories made of natural stones and glasses.


A cafe with a wonderful location that overlooks Mt. Fuji from the terrace.

Atelier Fujizakura

Japanese products with textile fabric of the north foot of Mt. Fuji. like tie, stall, umbrella, handkerchief, and towel.

Budoya kofu
Hanaterrace café

The shop specialize in sweets using the fruits of Yamanashi as creamy ice cream of peach.

T’s cafe

The café handle rich ice cream with fresh milk from the food of Mt. Fuji, light meal, and drinks.


The shop handling “Inden” the traditional craft of Yamanashi.


We color the events of the seasons and a daily living with the product of the Japanese paper. For the souvenir and the present of the trip.

HanaCafe Kikyou

The shop handling souvenirs as Kikyou Shingen rice cake, popular Kikyou Shingen rice cake ice, and drinks.